Morphing RSS Feeds/Hosted Blogs:

Our morphing RSS Feeds and hosted blogs employ an extremely versatile script that will allow you to do many things. As a webmaster, you can link directly to the blogs or syndicate them on your own sites. Our feeds change for every webmaster for SEO purposes. You can syndicate either the entire blog feed or just a particular category. No matter how you link to this great tool, your linking codes will always be in place. Whether a surfer views the blog once, bookmarks it, or adds it to their feed reader, you will continue to get credit for it. The blogs will be updated twice a week with all of our excellent promo tools.

Insert your user ID here to get the free hosted morphing rss feeds below with user ID already included in the linking code:

Morphing Feeds For Individual Sites

British Chubby morphing rss feed

British doggers morphing rss feed

Dirty UK Wives morphing rss feed

Sabrinas Stockings morphing rss feed

Simply Demi morphing rss feed

Shiva Shaw morphing rss feed

Send your secretary morphing rss feed

Morphing Feeds For Individual Categories

Amateur morphing rss feed

Big Boob morphing rss feed

Chubby/BBW morphing rss feed

MILF/Mature morphing rss feed

Nylon/Stockings morphing rss feed

Public/Exhibitionist morphing rss feed

Uniform morphing rss feed

Upskirt/Panty morphing rss feed

For use on multiple sites:

The way the morphing feeds work, means that every affiliate has their own unique feed. But this means that by default, if you used the same feed on more than one site, your feed would be the same on each site. If you want to use these feeds on multiple sites and want a different feed on every site, you can by following these instructions.

Just add &cxxx_seed=*any number* after your code. *any number being any number you want. from 1 to 100,000 and beyond

So if your affiliate ID was 999999. Your unique morphing feed would be

If you wanted three different feeds to run on three different sites, you could use

Link Directly to your individual blog

With cookies set to 256 days. That gives us a long time to convert any bookmarkers

British Chubby blog

British Doggers blog

Dirty UK Wives blog

Sabrinas Stockings blog

Simply Demi blog

Shiva Shaw blog

Send your secretary blog

Amateur blog

Big Boob blog

Chubby/BBW blog

MILF/Mature blog

Nylons/Stockings blog

Public/Exhibitionist blog

Uniform blog

Uniform blog